Daft Punk To Cameo In Tron 2

October 7, 2009 by  
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Gallic, publicity shy, robot-headed electronica duo, Daft Punk have been confirmed as appearing in a cameo appearance in the upcoming sequel to the Disney sci-fi classic, Tron.

They’ve already done the soundtrack to the forthcoming remake, Tron: Legacy and they dress up like robots, so frankly I think they’d fit in rather nicely. It’s better than being mistaken for stage props anyway.

Tron actress Olivia Wade told MTV that the duo were definitely in the movie. Whilst not elaborating on the exactly role the pair would play, she did say that the producers were trying to find some way of incorporating them into the film’s launch at Comic-Con next year.

Tron: Legacy is scheduled for a mid-December release next year, so you’ve got a while to wait. For those who can’t stand the excitement, you could always dress up like this guy:

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