Director Slams ‘Comic Book Geeks’ Who Slated X-Men 3

October 13, 2009 by  
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If you went to see X-Men: The Last Stand at the cinema and told your friends how terrible it was – shame on you.

Brett Ratner, the film’s director was apparently close to tears last night as he defended his poor excuse for a movie in an interview with a bemused reporter from Starpulse.

“You can’t make these people happy! I’m kind of the anti-Christ to these comic book geeks. Every single person that wrote s**t went to see that movie multiple times because a movie doesn’t gross $200 (£120) something million unless people go to see it more than once.”

Not content with insulting everyone who had the misfortune to see the film in the first place, the maniac went on to suggest that it was he who saved the X-Men series.

“The most ridiculous statement I’ve read is – and of course I looked at the internet after the movie came out – that I buried the franchise.”

“If I buried the franchise how the f**k did they make a Wolverine? I mean, that’s ridiculous. And they’re making three other f**king X-Men movies. Mine kept the franchise alive!”

And with that he downed the rest of the bottle and stumbled out…

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