Saving Private Ryan Writer To Script Warcraft Movie

October 14, 2009 by  
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Imagine that D-Day landing sequence.

Now replace it with orcs, trolls, dwarves and flying freakin’ dragons.

The few remaining geek heads that hadn’t exploded upon the news that the World of Warcraft series is to be turned into a movie directed by Sam Raimi should probably cover the carpets and wallpaper in wipe-easy plastic sheeting.

Raimi has confirmed that Robert Rodat – the man who wrote the multi-Oscar winning Saving Private Ryan – has been hired to adapt the MMORG (massive multiplayer onli…. feh – that we lost interest while explaining the euphamism is a sign, trust us) and said that the video game adaptation will be an original story based on the WOW universe.

“We would choose… something that encompasses lands and characters and storylines, and we would be true to it,” Raimi said. “But our story may or may not be about one of those central characters.”

“We want to be really faithful to the game,” he continued. “We would have our writer, Robert Rodat, really craft an original story within that world that feels like a World Of Warcraft adventure. Only obviously it’s very different because it’s expanded and translated into the world of a motion picture.”

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