Video: Fantastic Mr Fox – Clooney, Murray & Anderson Speak!

October 14, 2009 by  
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We’re really not bragging, but we’ve met our fair share of celebs.

Usually from a distance and through binoculars, but it’s a very rare day we turn into giggling fan girls.

Today, however, is no ordinary day. To celebrate the launch of the London Film Festival and promote the Gala opening (the excellent stop-frame animation Fantastic Mr Fox), the cast and crew gathered in a rather swanky London hotel to natter about how it went down.

Assorted were director Wes Anderson and, amongst others, stars George Swooney – sorry, Clooney, Bill Murray (whose epic cameo in Zombieland we’re still recovering from) and…. Jarvis Cocker?!

That’s not the weirdest thing – prepare to hear about why Bill Murray hates Roald Dahl’s wife, how he channels his inner badger and why Clooney extols the virtues of stealing….

Fantastic Mr Fox is on general release across the UK from Friday 23rd October 2009, and can be seen right now at the London Film Festival. Check out our review here….

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