Bill Murray Joins Fantastic Mr Fox Animation Team In Their Local

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murrayWho wouldn’t be surprised to see comedy genius Bill Murray down the pub?

The employees of Three Mills studio in London certainly were when the actor joined them for a late-night session last June.

Murray was so impressed by the work of the puppeteers, set-builders and designers who helped make Fantastic Mr Fox that he popped in to buy them a few drinks.

What a guy!

“There was more talent in one little factory than I have ever been closeted with,” said Murray, before adding: “They are fun after work too. I want to make a special point of saying that.”

Meanwhile, the film’s director has admitted that all the animals in the movie have American accents because he finds it easier to write for US characters.

“We decided to make the humans British,” offered Wes Anderson guardedly.

“Because they’re the bad guys!” added Bill Murray aptly.

Anyone who has seen the viscous nature of every English soldier in The Patriot will understand this Hollywood phenomenon.

Check out the OTB video of Bill Murray and his famous mates at the Fantatsic Mr Fox press conference…

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