Disney Boss Calls For Quicker DVD Releases

October 20, 2009 by  
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In the battle to protect the film industry’s precious profit margins, the boss of Disney has warned that studios may have to reduce the time between cinema and DVD film release.

After the failure of plan A (relying on everyone to completely replace their DVD libraries with slightly higher quality Blu-ray discs at £20 a piece). Disney CEO Robert Iger believes that the industry might have to seek other methods of bolstering the home movie business.

“We have seen some Blu-ray revenue but not as much as we would like”, he said, before suggesting that the next step should be shortening the window between the time when a film is released in the cinema and in the video shops.

“In order to keep the DVD business vital, that product has to be perceived as being fresh,” he added, going on to explain that this extended gap has given pirates plenty of time to create illegal copies.

Of course no-one bothered to mention the most simple answer to the problem of piracy – reducing DVD and cinema prices.

Funny that.

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