Scared Kids Can ‘Go To Hell’ Says Wild Things Author

October 20, 2009 by  
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wildthingsAfter the film he inspired shot to the top of the US box office last week, Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are told parents who feared it would be too frightening for their kids to “go to hell”.

“If children can’t handle the story they should go home. Or wet their pants, or do whatever they like. But it’s not a question that can be answered”, said the heartless ogre to a Newsweek reporter as he proceeded to crush some passing children and eat their bones.

His 1963 book was adapted into a feature film by Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze and will be released in Britain later this year.

Sendak wasn’t finished there however and he then started to rail against Disney for making Mickey Mouse ‘dangerous’.

“He did things to Minnie that were not nice. I think what happened was that he became so popular – this is my own theory – they gave his cruelty and his toughness to Donald Duck.”

Of course they did Maurice…

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