Braveheart Was A ‘Monster’ Says Gibson

October 26, 2009 by  
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braveheartThe film may have contained less historical accuracy than the Bible, but Braveheart was definitely a modern classic which re-awakened the epic genre.

It’s legacy is legendary: Gladiator, 300 and erm…..Troy.

But 15 years after its release, Mel Gibson has admitted that rather than being a working-class hero, William Wallace was nasty landowner and a minor knight to boot.

The director told The Times: “Wallace was a monster. He always smelt of smoke; he was always burning people’s villages down. He was like what the Vikings called ‘a berserker’.”

The famous anti-semite then added: “He wasn’t as nice as the character we saw up there on the screen. We romanticised him a bit. We shifted the balance because someone’s got to be the good guy against the bad guy; that’s the way stories are told.”

But if you thought that this admission might quell the angry historians baying for his blood, you were wrong.

Apparently Gibson has got it all wrong again by casting the poor freedom-lover a bit too harshly. Maybe someone should tell him about wikipedia…

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