Paranormal Activity 2 (Already)?

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I suppose one gamble-turned-blockbuster just isn’t enough. According to the Los Angeles Times, Paranormal Activity 2 talk is abuzz over at Paramount Pictures.

The budget thriller pulled in $62.5 million at the box office in just one month from a mere $15,000. And the studio acquired the rights to the film for just $300,000, while spending less than $10 million on advertising. But Paranormal Activity is on its way to reaching $100 million.

Let’s not forgot what happened to The Blair Witch Project. The unexpected 1999 hit raked in $140.6 million. As for the dismal sequel, just $26.4 million. And yet, Paramount chairman Brad Grey is telling the LA Times that the movies could become the most profitable in the studio’s history. Let’s hope so.

Paranormal Activity will open in the UK on November 25.

Check out the terrifying trailer here….

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