“Willis is Undirectable” – Kevin Smith

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smithAs a succession of Eastern European villains have found out to their cost, controlling Bruce Willis is far more difficult than it looks – and it looks quite difficult in the first place.

So Kevin Smith is not in poor company when he admits that he has been unsuccessful in ordering the vest-wearing action man about.

“Bruce Willis is probably the most intimidating actor I’ve ever worked with”, the director told Contactmusic. “I find him – and I don’t mean this in an insulting way – undirectable”.

The man who brought us Silent Bob was apparently very enthusiastic when he cast all terrorist’s bete noire in his upcoming cop film A Couple of Dicks, but since filming started there have been reports that Willis has been trying to add his own creative input.

“He has all sorts of range, but what he’s predominantly known for is playing the guy who holds his gun down by his side and saves people”, added Smith. “How do you tell Bruce Willis to be Bruce Willis?”

How about: “Take this under advisement jerkweed”.

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