Crash Director Leaves Scientologists Over Gay-Bashing

October 28, 2009 by  
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haggisScientology: The weirdest religion since Christianity.

But those poor alien-worshippers, woke up this morning to find themselves minus one very rich and very angry Hollywood director.

Paul Haggis – who won an Oscar in 2005 after co-writing Crash – has decided to leave the brotherhood after 35 years.

“I could not, in good conscience, be a member of an organisation where gay-bashing was tolerated,” he wrote in a letter to cult leaders.

He also criticised the ‘church’ for its alleged policy of disconnection, in which members like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are encouraged to cut ties with anyone critical of the organisation.

Tommy Davis, the head of the Celebrity Centre of Scientology, said that Haggis’s complaints were based on misunderstandings.

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