Ridley Scott Talks Alien Prequel

October 29, 2009 by  
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Fans of the Aliens franchise (of which there are now about 400 films) were delighted this year when film bosses confirmed that the new prequel to the 1979 film would be directed by Sir Ridley Scott.

Apart from James Cameron (who is a bit busy at the moment) no director has been able to take the premise of face-huggers and chest-bursters to the level the Alien director achieved.

So everyone was obviously very interested to hear him talk about his plans for the upcoming project – and interestingly enough, it’s not set when you think it is…

“It’s a brand new box of tricks,” Sir Ridley told Empire magazine. “We know what the road map is, and the screenplay is now being put on paper.

“The prequel will be a while ago. It’s very difficult to put a year on Alien, but (for example) if Alien was towards the end of this century, then the prequel story will take place thirty years prior.”

This might come as a surprise to many fans who might have expected to find out how ET’s angry relations came to be on LV-426 in the first place.

But it looks like th new film will have a more human focus.

In Ridley we trust.

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