Zemeckis Reveals Roger Rabbit 2 Writers

November 3, 2009 by  
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who_framed_roger_rabbit_1987_685x385Every young lad remembers the first time he saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit – the title character’s wife was and still is the sexiest cartoon ever committed to celluloid.

As such we were all cock-a-hoop to hear that one of the longest awaited sequels in film history is finally on its way.

During an interview with MTV, director Robert Zemeckis admitted that a follow-up script to the ground-breaking 1988 film had been commissioned.

“We’ve got the original writers working on it now – Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price,” he said, before revealing that the emergence of new digital tools such as performance-capture technology had finally convinced him to revisit the hugely popular movie.

The original which mixed live action with animated footage, starred Bob Hoskins as a private investigator charged with unravelling the titular mystery.

Better late than never.

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