Anthony Hopkins Cast As Hemingway

November 5, 2009 by  
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anthony_hopkinsRichard Nixon. Pablo Picasso. And now it is Ernest Hemingway for Anthony Hopkins.

Variety reports that the biopic veteran will star in Andy Garcia’s latest drama, Hemingway and Fuentes. The film chronicles the two decades that Hemingway spent in Cuba fishing with his best friend, Gregorio Fuentes. His time spent there inspired the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1952 novel, The Old Man and The Sea.

Annette Bening will play the author’s third wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway. Garcia will play Fuentes, as well as produce/direct from a script he wrote with Hilary Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. He has been working on this project since the ‘70s, when he began speaking with Hemingway’s giant marlin-seekers.

Currently cast as Odin in the mighty Thor, Hemingway will be Hopkins’ immediate next role.

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