Rachel McAdams For Black Cat In Spider-Man 4 (Yippee!)

November 10, 2009 by  
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Be still our beating hearts and bulging comic book collections.

After the messy affair that was Spider-Man 3, the latest rumours have given us faith that Sam Raimi could be back on track to making the Spider-Man franchise great again.

Mania is reporting that a certain Rachel McAdams is in line to play one of the most iconic characters in Peter Parker’s comic-life; the Black Cat.

The Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) is a brilliantly sexy take on your traditional anti-hero. Dressed head to toe in an uber tight black catsuit, she’s a jewel thief cat burglar who steals to support her father who’s in prison. She also has a handy ‘jinx’ power that scuppers the luck of anyone around her and conveniently plays havoc with Spidey’s spidey sense.

The two have a history of running into each other and then hooking up, ensuring that the Black Cat would provide ample drama for Parker’s professional and personal life – just the kind of story Raimi revels in.

Hopefully they’ll just stick to the one villain this time. And if it just so happens to be an overly sexual, super gymnastic bad girl, all the better.

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