Twilight: Breaking Dawn To Be Made Into 2 Films?

November 10, 2009 by  
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robThe new film hasn’t even hit the cinemas yet and already Twilight fans are clamouring for info on the fourth film in the series like idiots at a Jedward concert.

Rob Pattinson confirmed that filming will start at the end of 2010, but what we all want to know is whether Breaking Dawn will be split into two separate movies like the upcoming Harry Potter finale?

“I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall next year. They may well change that,” Pattinson told Collider recently when asked if the bosses had decided to split the final installment.

We’ve got a sneaky feeling that they will…

…which will be great news for Rob and Kristen as they loooove each other – well that’s what we though until she told us she was a massive lesbian. We aren’t convinced.

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  1. Shandi says:

    I do hope they make Breaking Dawn into Two movies ..It is my favorite book…There is just way to much to tell…and it is paramount that they don’t leave anything out…It can BE EPIC! Hope Chris W direct it!!…
    Haha.. Kristen didnt say she was a Lesbian. She was taking a shot at Papzz and the Rob & Kristen the rumor mill…” we are, we arent, I’m a lesbian” ..she said it doesnt matter what she says…they will say what they want 🙂