Caine Calls For Return of National Service (Eeep)

November 11, 2009 by  
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caineAfter rounding up all of Jeremy Kyle’s children in Harry Brown, Michael Caine has called for the return of national service to give Britain’s youth a “sense of belonging rather than violence”.

Surely a couple of years in the Marines is enough to make anyone recant their violent ways – hang on….

Caine, 76, did two years of national service, served in the Korean war and famously teamed up with Sylvester Stallone and Pele to defeat the dreaded Gestapo in a game of football.

“There should be a great plan to re-educate these youngsters,” he said at the London premiere of his new film last night. “It’s such a waste – they all feel society has let them down.”

“I’m just saying put them in the army for six months. You’re there to learn how to defend your country. Then when you come out, you have a sense of belonging rather than a sense of violence.”

Harry Brown opens this Friday, and sees an OAP fight back against the louts of the estate in spectacular fashion.

The film’s director, Daniel Barber, said he had spent time with police officers working in similar areas prior to making the movie. “It’s unbelievable the amount of violence out there that doesn’t get reported,” he said. “What they have to deal with is something else. This film is the tip of the iceberg.”

Harry Brown may be harder than a bunch of hooded delinquents, but he didn’t make it on to our star-studded collection of hard-bastard film Harrys…

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