Twilight Author To Appear on Oprah

November 11, 2009 by  
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stephenie_meyer2If you’re bright enough to go on the Oprah Winfrey show without jumping all over the woman’s sofa – then a place on everyone’s A-List could await.

But that isn’t necessarily something that Twilight author, Stephanie Myer wants. She is quite happy not to be universally recognised despite being richer than the pope.

However the 36 year-old writer blogged that she was very excited about appearing on Winfrey’s show this week to give New Moon extra publicity (as if it needed it).

“You know I’ve been doing the hermit thing this last year, insofar as media is concerned, and I’m not changing that now, but I am making an exception,” Meyer posted.

“I’m doing this for a good reason: I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my support for him. And since I’m only doing one interview, better make it big. Really big. So… I will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, November 13.”

Are they going to make Twilight: Breaking Dawn into two separate films? We suspect they might…

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