Twilight New Moon Press Conference Gossip: Nipples & Numptys

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The Twilight phenomenon is big.

And I don’t mean Hannah Montana-Disney-tweener big. I mean middle-aged-housewife-reader big. So big, I spotted a lipstick kiss on Robert Pattinson’s tube billboard cheek the other day. Someone actually put their lips to an underground poster of the Twilight saga’s second instalment. Gross.

New Moon is the sequel to Twilight, which raked in more than $350 million last year and spawned 100 fan clubs globally. These days, Pattinson (i.e. Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) graces the pages of Vanity Fair and his lady, Kristen Stewart (aka Bella), is envied by Team Edward fans worldwide.

With a little more than a week left until New Moon is be released in cinemas across UK and Ireland, the international stars spared a bit of their time to chat it up with us lowly reporters. But the panel was primarily dominated by an adorably loquacious Pattinson.

Sandwiched between Stewart on his left and a newly buff Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) on his right, he said with a genuine smile, “You get a lot of nipple shots in this movie.” A journalist had just asked him how he stayed so buff, given the number of “topless scenes” in the film. Giggling to himself and glancing over at Lautner, he muttered something about having a “pre-pubescent girl’s body A-cups.” What a charmer.

In the meantime, Stewart proved to be an utter delight. Not. Hunched over in her seat, Stewart was as moody as always. She threw in words like “visceral” and “energy” when responding to questions. It came off as pretentious. “When you have that amount of human energy—that undeniable life-force,” she said regarding the overwhelming fans. “That is why I get so nervous.” Not sure if I entirely believed that.

Buy it really does not matter how these stars come off. With millions of fans worldwide, New Moon is a guaranteed success. Bella and Edward are loved no matter what.

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  1. Fug Yourself says:

    The girl is a refreshing change from all the cookie cutter, plastic surgery, botox-filled Hollywood starlets and the girl graduated with honors from highschool. She’s not pretending to be smarter than you, she IS.

    KStew hate is so last year. Grow up.

  2. Bai says:

    Man your idiocracy towards Kristen is hilarious!…You presume that just because she sits a certain way or answers a certain question that doesn’t fit your mindset that shes “moody.” From what i saw she was a delight and comments from other fans have been nothing but positive! Why are you so different?…This hatred for a girl half your age is kinda funny, only we’re all laughing at you…T*SSER!!