Will Smith Eyes Flowers For Algernon

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will-smith-in-I-am-legendThere are some roles which just scream “Academy Award please” at the top of their voices. Examples include Forrest Gump, anything done by Meryl Streep and Charlie from Daniel Keyes’ novel Flowers For Algernon.

Will Smith has apparently already realised this and his own production company, Overbrook Entertainment are currently setting up the project with Sony.

Tracy Nyberg, who was behind the scenes on I Am Legend and Hancock, is set to produce the Fresh Prince’s latest Oscar bid.

After twice missing out, it seems that Smith has decided to blend many of his previous roles together with this one. The original story tells the tale of Charlie, a man with below average IQ, who undergoes experiments to make him a genius.

The cost is alienation from everything and everyone he knows, before it’s revealed that the process was flawed and its effects are only temporary. The Algernon of the title is a lab-mouse whose fate foreshadows Charlie’s.

Sounds like a mix of sci-fi and heart-rending drama – I, Robot meets Seven Pounds anyone?

Will Smith’s obviously not banking on getting an Oscar for a potential cameo in EastEnders then….

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