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Romcoms, eh?

Who’d have ’em?

While we’re not exactly falling over ourselves here at OTB to champion every turgid romcom that limps its cliched way onto the big screen, it’s fair to say that whatever our reservations, a romcom can soar based on its chemistry (see: The Proposal).

So while the latest from director of Night At The Museum 2 may not get you scrabbling to pre-book your tickets for Date Night, the realisation that it pairs two of the most likeable, funny actors around together may well do.

Steve Carrell: meet Tina Fey.

They play Phil and Claire Foster, your stereotypical suburban couple whose lives have settled into a work-kids-sleep routine. They head off into the city for one ‘date night’ and decide to live a little. Only when they take a table reservation that isn’t theirs, they soon find themselves embroiled in gunfights, car chases, shirtless Mark Wahlbergs and plenty of slapstick.

What do you think?

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