Stellar British Cast For ‘The King’s Speech’

November 16, 2009 by  
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helenabonhamcarterHow many students can you fit in a phone box?

No matter how tightly you squeeze those tax-dodging layabouts, you won’t outdo Tom Hopper’s new record for filling one film with as many distinguished British actors as possible.

Over the weekend it was announced that the director’s new film, The King’s Speech, which will tell the story of a British monarch with a speech impediment, will see Helena Bonham-Carter, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Guy Pearce, Jennifer Ehle and Timothy Spall join Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth for the project.

Firth will be playing the lead role of George VI, father to the current Queen and reluctant ascendant to the throne after his brother ran off to marry an American divorcee and muck about on the Riviera.

George was unprepared for the throne however and suffered from a stammer that made him very reluctant to speak in public. Rush is set to play the speech therapist that helped him and turned him into a bit of a lothario.

Other roles are as yet unconfirmed, but the word is that Helna Bonham-Carter will be playing Queen Elizabeth, aka the late Queen Mother, but whatever – with a cast this good, what can go wrong?

Well actually it never worked for Harry Potter – come to think of it, wasn’t it this lot that did those films?

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