Leona Lewis To Sing Avatar Theme Song (Start Packing Your Ear Muffs)

November 17, 2009 by  
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The lung-bursting movie warbler is back.

Celine Dion may have tried her darndest to kill it off with the ear-bleeding Titanic tune, but Leona Lewis is intent on resurrecting the moneyspinner by agreeing to sign for the closing song of Avatar.

I See You (Theme From Avatar) will blast out in THX Surround Sound as punters are leaving the cinema after watching James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic.

Anyone hoping that it might contain just a smidgen of artistic integrity should start packing their ear-muffs with their tickets now.

It has been announced that James Horner is writing the song. That is, the man who wrote My Heart Will Go On (Even If The Audience Loses The Will To Live).

With Adam Lambert’s similarly grandiose Time For Miracles providing an aural assault along with 2012‘s visual one, it looks like the uber-soundtrack is here to stay.

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