Twilight New Moon: “I Care That Fans Care” Says Stewart

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kstewAfter kicking-off at a group of reporters last week, Kristen Stewart (or KStew to an army of Twilight fans) has said how much she cares about the importance of the movie to fans.

The actress, who plays Bella in the series, told Parade that people had misunderstood her previous comments at the end of filming on New Moon.

At the time she said: “If you make movies and you don’t care about the people who watch, then you probably just want to be rich and famous.”

After some advice from her PR team, last night she changed her position somewhat.

“The fact that these movies are important to so many people makes me so happy. I care that they care.”

“I said at Comic-Con that my favourite moment on New Moon was when we wrapped. People took it the wrong way,” she explained,

“It wasn’t like I was glad it was over, it was just such a memorable moment for me because I literally fell apart. I went like, ‘Aaagh’. I almost couldn’t handle it.”

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  1. Kristen is exhausted from all the media spotlight. She loves the fans and happy to take part in filming the movie series. It’s the news stations that like to twist her words around.