Peter Jackson Told “Make Lovely Bones More Violent”

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Peter Jackson directs a scene for Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson directs a scene for Lovely Bones

When you have to buy a new house just to store your academy awards, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re a half decent director…

But Peter Jackson revealed that he was told to go back to the drawing board by test screening audiences after they told him that various death scenes in his new flick Lovely Bones, just weren’t violent enough.

The film is based on Alice Sebold’s harrowing bestseller about how a murdered 14-year-old girl watches from heaven as her grieving family attempt to ensnare her killer.

Jackson told Reuters that he was forced to return to the editing room to “basically add more violence and suffering. The audience wanted far more violence, they just weren’t satisfied.”

The svelte director then explained that “we got a lot of people telling us that they were disappointed with one death scene, as they wanted to see the character in agony and suffer a lot more.”

If he will insist on test screening his films in psychiatric prisons, then he has to expect these kinds of comments…

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