Twilight New Moon Review: Got A Good Fang Going

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TWILIGHT NEW MOON: On General Release across the UK from Friday 20th November 2009

Topless males, sexual tension and special effects.

New Moon has arrived.

In the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s mortal teen-meets-more-than-century-old vampire, Bella Swan turns 18. On top of a fifth-life crisis as a senior in high school, her vamp Edward Cullen has decided to give their relationship the axe. And just in time for an unexpectedly buff Jacob Black of the Quilete Indian tribe to swoop in for support.

What ensues is action-packed adventures (Bella is now an adrenaline junkie), awkward moments of unrequited love (ug), and supernatural revelations (*cough* werewolves *cough*). But we already knew all that. And of course Edward returns, but only in the most melodramatic scenario possible.

In the meantime, we are forced to sit through 130 minutes of a teeth-gritting, deadpan artiste Kristen Stewart as our heroine, Bella. And with Edward gone, it is all about Team Jacob. A gust of wind conveniently tears open his jumper at the film’s start, revealing a whole new man. For the majority of New Moon, Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, bares his sculpted bod and speaks in a whiny drone. “I’m just filling out,” he blankly tells Bella. Meanwhile, Robsessed fans get their fill via flashbacks and smoky apparitions.

Director Chris Weitz helms this production. And thank goodness for that. We’re not sure Catherine Hardwicke will ever live down her unfortunate art house take in Twilight. Awkward close-ups and a cheesy ‘80s musical motif did not bode well for the Thirteen director in 2008. But Weitz, who most recently adapted and directed the Oscar-winning The Golden Compass, supplies the saga with an epic fantasy allure. Backed by credible CG effects (larger-than-life wolves) and striking scenery (deep green forests and rustic Tuscany), Weitz manages to hold our attention for over two hours.

And perhaps the best new addition to New Moon is competent actors. Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen join the cast as red-eyed bloodsucking members of the Volturi, a cruel Italian-based coven whom appear towards the film’s end. We can only eagerly await their return in the next one.

Just as cheesy as ever with a bit more action, it looks like the Twilight saga will live to see another day.

Danielle Jacoby

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  1. chrissy ane says:

    I got my tickets for the midnight movie tonight and I am so excited I can’t wait to see how they brought this book to life. I’m totally Team Jacob though, I mean come on he is so hot in this one.

  2. i-hate-fan-girls says:

    i saw this film and judged it “sh*t” in the first 23 minutes (yes that specific) but ever the optimist i watched to the end and my judgement still stood, i have never liked the twilight series and now i don’t think i ever could start to…

    twilight fan girls are almost as bad as weeaboos…

  3. Rob R says:

    Edward is so Beautiful .. ..