Anne Hathaway To Play Spider-Man 4 Villain? (WTF)

November 19, 2009 by  
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As news stories go, this is a pretty tenuous one, but what it might lack in credibility, it more than makes up for in hilarity.

Apparently Anne Hathaway – the annoying woman from the eye-gougingly bad Princess Diaries series – is being lined up for the role of Spider-Man 4 villain, Black Cat.

Although, just how a woman who is afraid of Meryl Streep is going to intimidate Spidey is open for debate – but then we suppose Tobey Maguire is no John McClane himself.

Julia Stiles, Rachel McAdams and Romola Garai have all been linked to the project in recent weeks, but the latter two have ruled out appearing in the film.

We don’t blame them – this is shaping up to be the campest superhero flick since Bananaman.

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