Harry Potter And The Drink-Fuelled Rampage

November 27, 2009 by  
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Josh HerdmanHarry Potter star Josh Herdman was kicked out of his hotel following a drunken romp and a tirade of foul mouthed abuse at the recent Collectormania convention in Copenhagen this weekend.

He was supposed to meet fans and sign autographs but got drunk on the plane and continued his binge when it landed.

A source said, “Herdman was an utter disgrace. He was out of his skull when he arrived and his behaviour got worse. Lots of kids came to see him.

He was meant to meet them with a smile and sign autographs. But they were greeted by a scowling, offensive, foul-mouthed drunk.”

Another source said, “At one point he screamed, ‘I am a regular cast member in the biggest movie franchise in cinema history and you will not speak to me like that!’

After causing havoc at the convention, Herdman continued to cause trouble back at his hotel and was caught rolling around on a sofa with a half naked blonde by a cleaner who then called security.

This shocking news comes a few months after his partner in crime was done for having a couple of kilos of cannabis in his car….

A source at the hotel said, “Staff tried to get him to check out but he started crying for an ambulance, saying he was going to die.
“He finally collapsed in the toilet with his trousers round his ankles.”

Ambassador, with this drunken binge you are spoiling us. Ladies should form an orderly queue.

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