Christopher Lloyd Interview: Santa Buddies

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yesyes300We went to meet Christopher Lloyd to talk about his new film Santa Buddies – but of course it wasn’t long before we gave in to temptation and asked him about Back To The Future.

Less than two minutes to be honest.

“It comes up every day,” explains the man who gave us the mad-eyed Doc Brown. “But I loved working on those movies. Rob Zemeckis is a wonderful director to work with and we had a wonderful cast.”

“The story was so intricate and the way it came together over the trilogy was fantastic and of course Michael J Fox was amazing,” he added enthusiastically.”

We could discuss the specs of his Delorian and ask how a bunch of Libyan terrorists appeared in California in a VW Camper until the cows come home, but Mr Lloyd is on a very tight schedule (so tight that we are interviewing him in the middle of his dinner).

Nevertheless, we were dead chuffed that he was happy to chat about the legendary trilogy. Apparently if you mention Gladiator to Russell Crowe, your lucky to with your nose in one piece…

Anyway, back to business and we moved on to talk about his new project in which he plays a “curmudgeonly dog-catcher” trying to track down some rebellious talking mutts.

“It’s a very charming holiday story about reviving the spirit of Christmas,” he said with less enthusiasm.

“A lot of puppies – who talk to each other by the way – make their way to this little town and try to instill some Christmas spirit in the children. I play a dog-catcher who doesn’t care about Christmas and just wants to impound them.”

We are reliably informed that he redeems himself by the end of the film. We didn’t see that coming

The film – which is essentially a remake of A Christmas Carol – was out on DVD in November.

With that out of the way, we used the remaining two minutes of our allotted interview time to ask Lloyd about his menacing role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (another groundbreaking film).

“Working with cartoon characters – as they were – wasn’t easy. Charlie Fleischer, who did the voice for Roger Rabbit was a big help and he was always on set with his crazy suit,” he explained.

“They did everything they could to help make those cartoons real.”

We were already thinking about which Back To The Future film we would put on when we got home…

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