Paranormal Activity Alternate Ending

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paranormal-activityThe holidays are approaching. And what better a gift to give to the one you love than an alternate ending to the latest horrgasm on DVD?

According to Digital Spy, Paramount is planning a Dec. 29 launch of Paranormal Activity on DVD and Blu-ray, including the alternate unrated ending not seen in theatres.

For those who skipped this year’s Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity follows a young couple that is having trouble with a supernatural visitation in their San Diego home. Framed as found footage, the film is entirely shot from a hand-held camera.

So the question is, after 85 minutes of obscure visuals and blood-curdling cries, are you still itching for more?

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  1. Brent says:

    The answer is an emphatic “YES!”

  2. No says:

    I nearly fell asleep in the first 35 minutes, all the bedroom ‘footage’ scenes prior to the sheet rising were terribly boring. In stead of the apparently intended shocked horror, I laughed hysterically when Katie was yanked out of the bed by her leg and dragged down the hallway. This was the only strong emotion I felt during the entire 90 minute underachiever of a film.

    The only time I jumped(and it was ever so slightly), was when an extremely loud noise happened near the end of a bedroom footage scene, the same kind of jump that I enjoy when I start up my PC and fail to realize the cat has been playing with the volume control and my speakers happen to be jacked all the way up. It is a pathetically cheap way to scare an audience. Nothing in the movie even managed to be creepy, much less truly haunting, unsettling, or…scary, as the hype and the trailers suggested.

    You would have to be significantly slow witted, and have spent most of your life watching nothing but Spongebob Squarepants to be ‘mentally disturbed’, or ‘crying in the movie theater’ over this over-hyped trash.

    The next time Paramount feels the urge to film a theatre’s reactions of shock and horror while watching a movie, they should be sure to mention that said theatre is in a town entirely populated by Polygamist Mormons who have never been exposed to anything more shocking than Mister Roger’s.(No offense to Mister Rogers, R.I.P.)

  3. Georgie says:

    OMG same. Me and my friends were laughing so much when she got dragged down the hall we couldn’t breathe,