Cracks Review: Cunning Diving Stunts

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CRACKS: On General Release Friday 4th December 2009

A girls’ boarding school, a Spanish exchange student, and a hot lesbian diving instructor?

At first glance this film seems more likely to be a porno than a period-piece.

But this stylish and unstuffy film is an assured debut from Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley) and she draws some fine performances from the principles in her all-female cast, notably Eva Green who comfortably leaves Bond behind with a convincing portrayal of a sensual yet flawed swimming teacher.

The themes might be simple, the plot narrow, but Cracks is an engaging and finely executed piece of cinema which has been moodily captured with real panache.

Yet while this is high-end cinematography which wallows in luxurious landscapes, there is little disguise in the storytelling – from the opening scenes the audience understand the direction in which the film is heading. We are immediately plunged into the cliquey world of an exclusive and strict 1930s girls boarding school in which Miss G struts – cigarette-in-hand – while instructing her awe-struck pupils that desire is the most important thing in life.

However when posh and elegant Spanish girl Fiamma, arrives at the school, the dynamic between pupils and teacher is altered irrevocably.

An inevitable triangle develops between the new girl, the old mean-girl (an excellently sharp Juno Temple) and the hedonistic Miss G, who can turn a sultry glance into an intimidating stare in the blink of an eye.

This simple but effective piece will not set the world on fire, but does more than enough to suggest that Jordan Scott may well be on the way to living up to her great name.

Sean Marland

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