The Ugly Truth: Romancing The Stone For Remake

December 8, 2009 by  
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LuketicI don’t think Hollywood will be satisfied till it’s remade every movie in existence. By 2050, it will have remade every film to grace the silver screen and will turn to making remakes of remakes, thus completing the circle of plagiarism.

Next up for a spit and polish treatment (emphasis on the spit) is the classic adventure Romancing The Stone. It’s been news for sometime but it’s finally found a director, in the shape of Ugly Truth director Robert Luketic.

The original was a fairly enjoyable romp directed by Robert “Back To The Future” Zemeckis and starring Kathleen turner and Michael Douglas, so quite what Luketic can add to the film is a bit mystifying – sexism maybe?

To be fair, it was a massive Indiana Jones rip off but it did have its moments (and frankly, I’d rather watch that then that abomination Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull any day).

Meanwhile, I’m still foaming at the mouth at the news of the Karate Kid remake. Someone’s going to pay for this…

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