“And You, Will Always Annoy Me”: 5 Irritating Theme Tunes

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ghost-pottery-wheelJames Cameron has always been fond of filling his blockbusters with memorable soundtracks (who can forget those six brilliant notes that made T2 the film that it was) so we weren’t surprised to hear Leona belting out the Avatar theme tune.

Thankfully we managed to get out of the cinema before the X Factor winner really got going, but it got us thinking about those songs that have been annoyingly synonymous with certain movies.

So here is OTB’s list of theme songs that irritated,confused and (very infrequently) inspired us – thankyou Mr Swayze.

My Heart Will Go On – TITANIC

Yeah, it might have you literally crying oceans, but stop a minute and you’ll realise you have no idea what this song actually means. Or rather, it doesn’t really mean anything.

“Love was when I loved you”, “The heart does go on” and then “Why does the heart go on?” You can’t start having question and answer sessions within a song, Celine. It’s long enough as it is.

But then again, much like the three hours you’ll never get back watching Titanic, I guess love is a never-ending state of uncertainty. Inevitably, it all goes wrong but you sit through it anyway. Sigh.

I Will Always Love You – BODYGUARD

Admit it – it’s not every day you or someone you know falls in love with a security official.

More than likely you fall out with him for wearing trainers or having a ‘smart mouth’ and before you know it, you’re being head butted into the next alleyway.

What you are not doing is sitting in that alleyway, penning a song in your own blood for your eternal love of said bouncer.

Then again, we can’t all be Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, who actually do fall in love in this film. Well, she does, anyway. Which we’re reminded of a million times whenever this song is played.

Hopefully he’ll get the message soon so our radio stations can finally be freed…

Unchained Melody – GHOST

‘The Swayze’
(as it’s now officially known) has to be the most successful move in history when seducing the ladies. All you need is a ripped body, dodgy denim jeans and a cheesy backing soundtrack to create the perfect ambience (Also see: Dirty Dancing). In fact, if it were anyone else I’m not sure they could carry this off.

Witness him here, pouncing like a tiger on an innocent woman trying to make clay pots. If ‘Bob the Builder’ were playing in the background, Demi Moore may well have finished her creation.

‘Unchained Melody’, on the other hand, sends things into an entirely new direction… which is a shame – she could have given mass produced vases a run for their money.

Someone needs to tell her not to mix Patrick with pots.

Take My Breath Away – TOP GUN

There are, of course, pros and cons to this lyrical request. The con being you’d be dead, but the pro being we’d no longer have to hear this song on Magic FM every half an hour.

On another note, just what is it about Tom Cruise in aviators and a leather jacket that sends the most attractive of women into a lather?

Watch as his mere stare causes Kelly McGillis to lose control of her senses. And he didn’t even have to take his shirt off. Swazey would not be pleased…


This has to be the epitome of Disney. Or, according to this clip, the epitome of teenage girls singing bland melodies to men in cowboy hats. One is so moved he starts randomly pointing into the air in blind acknowledgement.

X Factor took note of the sugary uplifting element to this song, blasting it out on our radios as the winner’s single this year. Whether Joe McElderry can sort out mass unemployment, climate change and indeed Katie Price by telling us to climb a mountain is yet to be known.

But I’m predicting a firm no.

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