McAvoy To Be Fleming, Ian Fleming

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JamesMcAJames McAvoy is attached to star as James Bond creator Ian Fleming in a planned biopic. have reported that Palmstar Entertainment and Animus films are developing a $40 million adaptation of Andrew Lycett’s book Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond.

McAvoy seems like he’d be a good choice for Fleming as he’s had experience in a range of roles from period drama (Atonement), playboy (Bright Young Things) and action hero (less successfully in Wanted), all of which stand him in good stead. Quite how this would fit into his schedule is unclear as he’s also attached to I’m With Cancer and Wanted 2.

Fleming’s own life is worthy of attention as his father was a member of Parliament and his siblings were also similarly high-profile (his brother Peter was a well-known travel writer) and so struggled to find his own identity. After attending Eton and dropping out of Sandhurst, he worked for Reuters before the outbreak of the war.

When the war began he became part of Naval Intelligence and eventually put in charge of a specialist unit of commandos whose speciality was infiltration and the obtaining of military documents.

When the war ended, Fleming had ample inspiration to write his first book, Casino Royale in 1953. The rest, as they say, is history.

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