Megan Fox Keeps Her Kit On

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megan fox hex 210x300Megan Fox may have just been voted the worst actress of 2009 by Moviefone but she still has a lot of fans out there. In their bedrooms. At their computers.

Unfortunately for them she has recently announced that although she plays a hooker in the upcoming Jonah Hex, she won’t be in any sex scenes. “The only sex scene that is in there is between Jonah and his lover.”

Um, then what’s the point? Fox also recently revealed that she didn’t really enjoy filming her kiss scene with Jennifer’s Body co-star Amanda Seyfried, nor can she watch it back. Why she’s slowly alienating her target audience, we don’t know.

“I was ready to do some research into prostitution but I really didn’t need to.” Easy tiger.

As you can see from the picture of Fox in her costume on set, she’s looking pretty fine but is that the only reason she’s being hired?

If so, why aren’t there any sex scenes including one of the hottest women in the world whose character is a prostitute? We’re a little worried about director Jimmy Hayward’s mental health.

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  1. lo says:

    the writer of this article is an idiot.

  2. .... says:

    What boggles my mind is that she can act you look at the emotional scenes she has done she can act, shes not oscar worthy but you can tell there talent in there some where, and people who slag her of saying shes a slag, is she was then she get her kit of an do films that are just plain degrading, if she couldnt act then she wouldnt be hired to do jobs an if they only wanted her for her looks thenshe be in tones of roles where you see everthing, those who voted her worst actress boggles my mind its like they cant comprehend that a pretty girl can act i mean you look at jolie i’m sure when people looked at her when she first came on the scene an thought she just a pretty face, now years later shes proven herself, just seems people are quick to peg megan as a wannabe an a slut, when she far from that if she was a wanna be then she adopting kids and getting surgery to look like jolie the only person who has done thatis that octo mum, an megans looksare natural and her they dont even look alike anshes not a slut becuse if she were then she be sleeping with every tom dickor harry but she hasnt she been with one guy