The Thing Prequel Gears Up For March

January 4, 2010 by  
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We thought it was just the biting cold air that was freezing our delicate places this morning until we heard that another prequel had been given the go ahead. We felt that old familiar chill up our spines, that is until we heard it was a prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The Thing 2 is set to start shooting in March 2010 and Empire reports that unfortunately, Carpenter, master of 70s and 80s horror, won’t be returning to finish what he started. He will be replaced by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. with Eric Heissere and Ronald D. Moore penning the script.

Back in 1982 The Thing had audiences shaking in their boots and pooping in their…well let’s just say it was scary.

Set on a remote Antarctic base, a group of American scientists led by Kurt Russell are disturbed by a group of Norwegians from a nearby base. After a few deaths and some badass special effects, it becomes clear that a shapeshifting alien parasite is responsible.

The prequel will be set in the Norwegian base and will show just how badly those guys got their arses whooped by a space bug before it started messing with Kurt Russell’s usually hyper coiffed do. Usually we dread this sort of thing but we can’t help but get excited over the prospect of a prequel that might actually have a good story.

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