Daybreakers Review: Fresh Vampires

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stars-3halfDaybreakers Vampire Movie300DAYBREAKERS: On General Release Wednesday 6th January

In nine years’ time, a mysterious plague will turn most of the world’s population into vampires and have the remaining humans in constant fear of being hunted for blood.

Well, that’s if if this film is anything to go by. Happy New Year…

Yes, it is 2019 in this sci-fi action thriller (mixed with a bit of horror, potential romance and err, comedy?) and the future is full of fluorescent contact lenses, people exploding sporadically and a whole lorra blood. Protagonist, ‘good-guy’ vampire Edward Dalton (Hawke), is in the middle of all this, mainly brooding and avoiding his cheek bones being splattered on by bursting creatures.

A researcher at Bromley Marks blood bank who refuses to feed on that of humans, Dalton makes it his mission to perfect a substitute that might sustain vampires and spare the few remaining people. Meanwhile he battles a strained relationship with his brother, a vampire who is part of the military mission to hunt for humans that haven’t been changed. One argument leads to the surprise appearance of the scariest hairless monster since Gollum. Thrilling stuff, if you like that sort of thing.

Somehow he bumps into Audrey (Claudia Karvan) and “Elvis” (there’s always one, this time played by William Defoe) who quite fancy saving the world too. Well, Audrey crayons a “meet me at noon” map and stands at the top of a hill looking like an extra from Lost… unfortunately that’s where her excitement ends. Elvis, who decides to emerge from inside a tree acts as the eccentric yin to her yang, providing some comic relief for his wooden counterparts.

This horror-thriller made by the Spierig Brothers has the kind of realness and depth to it that made me think that there could actually be vampires one day living among us. Either that or my overactive imagination is to blame. Although the film has an impressive spattering of special effects (which, at times, don’t fuse perfectly with its serious story line), it still retains an authentic feel and you do find yourself caring about this supernatural world and the beings within it.

My gut reaction? A bloody film that flows to your heart. All puns intended.

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