3D Twister Sequel? Yes Please!

January 8, 2010 by  
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you spin me right round baby, right roundWe’d be satisfied with a 3D version of the original movie, but when we heard that star of Twister, Bill Paxton, is involved in a 3D sequel, well we pretty much screamed like the 5 year olds we are.

In a recent interview with Bullz-Eye, Paxton told the tale of a famous twister from 1925 that ravaged the Midwest.

‘…And then it went across the Wabash, into Indiana, staying on the ground three and a half hours and cutting a damage path 219 miles long, killing about 700 people. There’s actually footage that I found in Murphysboro at their historical society. They had footage from a biplane that the government sent down, just to do aerial footage of all of the destruction and the damage. So we just did that to kind of get some ideas, and from that I kind of extrapolated an idea for a sequel. And I kind of put that together into a format, and now we’re kind of waiting to see if that’s going to move forward.’

Frankly as long as it’s got the flying cows in it, we’ll be happy.

‘That would need Steven Spielberg’s blessing, ultimately, and they probably won’t take it to him ’til there’s real studio interest, but I think the 3D applications of that could obviously be pretty amazing.’

Make it happen Paxton. This sequel sounds like it actually might have a story and will really benefit from 3D wizardry, and given the solid box office dollars that the first movie made, we’d be surprised if this was going to be passed over.

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