Create Your Own Avatar! We’re Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da…

January 8, 2010 by  
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avatar 300x210While Avatar was very impressive and clearly awesome we are becoming tired of hearing about it at every turn.

But when saw this video on how someone can make themselves look like an avatar then we were intrigued. Plus we’re already planning Comicon costumes so it’s been good inspiration.

The video was made by Peter Ammentorp Lund but he’s not the only one out there doing this, search around and you’ll find some other good ones but Peter clearly has the skills to pay the bills.

And while he may not go into detail about how he did it you should stay tuned, he’s considering writing a detailed tutorial.

Oh and props to SlashFilm for bringing this video to the world’s attention.

Birth of an AVATAR from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.

When we’ve got a spare few days we are totally giving that a try. Another good one we found was by flickr user Stenli88, take a look.


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