Chan: Karate Kid Will Feature “Heavy Drama”

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jchanJackie Chan has said that the forthcoming Karate Kid movie will contain some “heavy drama”.

Speaking to Moviefone, Chan said that the remake will have him take a more serious tone than the prat-falling japes we’re used to,

“[I am a] master with the white hair, and I walk like this, and even speak slow. Crying, heavy drama,” he said.

“You can see everything. Karate Kid is adult; also for the children, but more older adult.”

The film, based on the original 1984 classic with Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio will also star Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Karate in China? Jackie Chan teaching Karate not Kung Fu? Not to mention Jaden Smith who’s destined to be rammed down our throats for the next 20 years whether we like it or not. The trailer makes me want to bite through a table in impotent rage.

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  1. Chris says:

    Heavy drama being bad? I think it was Jackie that once said the difference between his Western audience movies and the non-Western is that the hero suffers more in the non-Western. Good luck Jaden.