Marc Webb Swings In For Spidey 4

January 14, 2010 by  
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Spidey's Webb

Will Sony make their minds up already, this lycra's giving me a wedgie

(500) Days Of Summer director Marc Webb is among the front runners to helm the latest in the ill-fated Spider Man series.

Sony apparently have plans to put him in the director’s chair after Spider Man veteran Sam Raimi and foetus-faced leading man Tobey Maguire were announced to no longer be involved with the project.

It’s quite a surprise as the studio’s wishlist runs to James Cameron, David Fincher and even Wes Anderson.

Webb has no superhero movie experience but that doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite; Sam Raimi came to the Spider Man project green, as did Christopher Nolan before he started work on Batman Begins.

As the planned reboot of Spidey is supposedly set in Peter Parker’s formative high school days, Marc Webb seems like a perfect choice, having brilliantly captured the thought processes of young people with (500) Days.

And can you imagine all the punny headlines I could write? Magnificent.

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