2D Avatar Banned In China

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Avatar-eyeAvatar‘s success has been worldwide and is currently the second most lucrative movie of all time behind Titanic. But even the £43 million haul that it’s taken in China hasn’t prevented officials from trying to ban it.

The China Film Group, which is run by the state, believes the plot of human military forces trying to demolish a native village for its resources is a bit too close to the bone of the current political situation in China.

Unfortunately it’s got nothing to do with the number of 10 foot blue people riding dragons over Beijing.

The LA Times reports that millions of Chinese people have been evicted from their homes to make room for government high-rise buildings. Officials in China are also incensed that the film’s success is diverting money away from domestic cinema.

All 2D screenings Avatar are now being pulled. 3D screening are still available but China has so few 3D screens that it is an effective ban on the movie.

Instead of Avatar, Chinese moviegoers can see Confucious, a biopic of the famous philosopher starring Chow Yun Fat.

Asian consultancy group, Wolf Asia has insisted that the decision to pull Avatar and show Confucious was to coincide with Chinese New Year Celebrations which begin on January 26th.

A spokesperson for the groups said, “There are certain windows in the year that are held for domestic films. We’re coming up on Chinese New Year, so this can be expected.”

We at OTB will be stroking our rather itchy beards at this news for quite sometime…

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  1. June Lou says:

    You failed to mention that the distributor had said that 90% of the revenue came from Avatar 3D showing any way. Who wants to watch Avatar in 2D? It’s a disservice to the movie itself.

  2. andy the kiwi says:

    this seems so wrong in my opinion, how much control does the chinese government want? i mean seriously, confucious was sexist and beleived womens only role is to serve man and birth them children…avatar is too spiritualistic for the chinese government to accept, they know that spiritual people think and feel for THEMSELVES and don’t feel and think what their TOLD by the government… no offence to chinese people but you guys are sooo close minded in my opinion

  3. Lydia says:

    Andy the kiwi:

    No offence to people like you but in my opinion, YOU, rather than the chinese people, seem to be the one who is ‘sooo close minded’. I have lived in China for many years and just knows that if China does intend to ban the film due to political reasons, Avatar wouldn’t have been shown in China AT ALL.

    Quite disgusted by the way the media puts itself in charge of political correctness. Can the media just report the facts and stop speculating for political ends?

  4. Meex says:

    Lydia, you are 100% right at the beginning (“if China does intend to ban the film due to political reasons, Avatar wouldn’t have been shown in China AT ALL”) but, since I am currently living in China, ans this for many years, you have to admit that the Chinese governement/the media (I suppose you were refering to the Chinese media) will always try to turn foreign things (arts amongst others) as evil and this has been going on for ages…
    How come the board of censorship didn’t ban it in the first place, that is the question but trying to hide your inefficiency and narrow-mindness by banning everything is definitely not a sign of progress.
    The lack of imagination of the Chinese people will not be affected by watching this movie and even so, we are talking of such a minority that the revolution the governement is so afraid of will probably not happen during our lives…

  5. Gareth says:

    it’s Confucious.