Behind The Scenes Of Avatar Video

January 20, 2010 by  
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avatar 300x210While it’s still in the cinemas and raking in the big bucks, today Yahoo put up a featurette that gives us a glimpse of what we might see on the Avatar DVDs.

A 22 minute behind the scenes videos takes us inside the making of Avatar, showing us how James Cameron went about making this epic.

The cast and crew get involved in explaining just how it felt to be filmed in motion capture suits, pretending to run around a jungle, and what it was like when Cameron took them to run around a real life jungle in Hawaii.

Cameron and his special effects and production teams explain the technology they used and created the 3D effects with a few words from the now dearly departed Stan Winston. The video is a good indicator of the kinds of features that we’re going to get when Avatar comes to DVD; we’re expecting a full on special features package and this is but a taste of the treats in store for us.

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