Clive Owen Gets Weepy Over ‘Boys’ Script

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cliver owen 210x300Children Of Men star Clive Owen has spoken about his weepy reaction to the script of his new film, The Boys Are Back. His character in the film loses his second wife to cancer, leaving him to care for his two young sons so we can understand him getting a bit teary eyed.

Talking to DigitalSpy, Owen said, “Everytime I read the scene where I say to the little boy, ‘Your mum may not be around much longer,’ I used to cry.”

Kleenex at the ready girls!

“Just the idea of having that conversation I found really upsetting. Sitting down with a kid and saying that is deeply upsetting.”

When asked about the line between manipulation and genuine sentiment, Owen explained, “We’ve all seen versions of this film where the mum’s going to die, he cries and I cry, we hug and the camera pulls away – it’s all very moving. It is a moving film but not in an obvious way. It’s the incidentals, I love the unpredictability of the boy’s responses. It’s what it would be like for a kid that age. He’s too young to fully formulate the impact of all this and it makes it all the more moving for that.

The Boys Are Back is in cinemas nationwide from Friday 22nd January.

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