Alcon Entertainment Develops ‘Late Bloomer’

January 22, 2010 by  
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joe nussbaum210x300We all know that in real life, puberty is never fun.

But we also know that puberty in a film is always funny, which is why we put on our happy faces this morning when we heard about one man’s true story of going through the whole of puberty in just three weeks.

Blessing or curse? Getting it over with in three weeks or going through agony and humiliation for three weeks?

Ken Baker was 27 when he finally experienced puberty due a tumour on his pituitary gland that was preventing his male hormones for doing their thing. After an operation to remove the tumour he went through the entire course of puberty that most people experience over a matter of years in just three weeks. Now his book, ‘Man Made: A Memoir’ will be turned into a movie by Alcon Entertainment, according to Variety.

Gary Rosen has written a dramatic script around Ken’s story but Alcon have changed their minds and want to take it down a comedic route. Joe Nussbaum (pictured), director of Sydney White and American Pie: Naked Mile, will pen a new script for Alcon but no word yet on whether he’ll direct.

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