Gremlins 3 in 3D?

January 25, 2010 by  
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GizmoSomeone’s been feeding the rumour mill after midnight again. Gremlins is the latest 80s classic to be flagged for a 3D sequel according to Market Saw.

It’s still in very early stages, so there’s no director, cast, crew or release date scheduled as yet. All we know is that someone out there is writing it – whether that’s original writer Chris Columbus or not remains to be seen.

With 3D now actually looking like 3D rather than some eye-straining red and green mess, Hollywood is busy drawing up shortlists of classics that could benefit for the experience.

With the forthcoming Ghostbusters 3 (still in development but apparently the original cast and director Ivan Reitman have signed up) reportedly getting the 3D green light, Gremlins is the latest 80s classic to be brought up.

We’re not sure if the charm of the first movie will really work in CGI, but there is something delightfully anarchic about the idea.

How long will it be before every 80s movie of note is given a sequel? When The Goonies gets remade, it’s all over.

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