Invention Of Lying DVD Has Expensive Extras

January 28, 2010 by  
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rickygervais210x300Ricky Gervais has recently spoken about one of the DVD extras for his directorial debut The Invention Of Lying.

The extra in question, according to Gervais, cost $3 million to produce and was intended as the opening sequence to the film but was ultimately scrapped.

Talking to DigitalSpy, Gervais explained that the extra, which is now a kind of short film, stars his radio show producer Karl Pilkington as a bald caveman.

“I didn’t cut it out to annoy him, although that was a funny bonus that everything he did was pointless. I dressed him up as a little caveman and gave him a little bald wig, he was the first bald caveman!”

“We think it might be the most expensive DVD extra of all time, it cost about $3 million. It was originally going to be a pre-credit sequence explaining the evolution of man but then I thought we didn’t need it so we cut it. It’s like a seven minute short film on the DVD. Nothing’s wasted.”

Gervais also describes the premise for The Invention Of Lying as ‘A funny episode of The Twilight Zone,’ and will be out on DVD in the UK from 2nd February.

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