Mel Gibson Talks Edge Of Darkness

January 28, 2010 by  
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mel gibson210x300Mel Gibson, star of the upcoming Edge of Darkness, has recently spoken about the project and how much he loves the material the film is based on.

Talking to Metro, Gibson said he was attracted to the project because of, “The directing, the producing, the distributing, the marketing – the whole nine yards.”

“The impulse to do it was already there, I just needed the thirst to do it. This was the best vehicle at the time I wanted to do something. I read this and I thought it was really compelling.”

The film is an adaptation of a six-part British drama from 1985 and apparently Gibson loved the series.

“I watched it religiously in the 1980s. The musical score was amazing with Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen. That was really high quality TV. It was very edgy. British television is great.”

Well duh. Edge of Darkness will hit UK screens tomorrow and will mark the first time Gibson has played a lead in a movie since he starred in Signs in 2002.

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