Marvel Boss Talks New Comic Adaptations

January 29, 2010 by  
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MarvelComics1Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios has spoken about which characters he’d like to see in future films.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, he said,

“I love Doctor Strange. Ant-Man is like Whiplash (soon to featured in Iron Man 2 played by Mickey Rourke) – one of those characters where you’re like, ‘Really?’ that we’ve got a fun story with.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with Black Panther. I think what Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have done with Iron Fist lately is great, and the Iron Fist mythology opens up a whole other part to us.”

Feige also mentioned that he wanted to work on less terrestrial titles in the future.

“I want to do a big space epic,” he said. “And we’ve got them in Marvel.”

With thousands of characters to draw on, it’s just going to be hard to pick which ones get the movie treatment. How about Nova? Or Guardians Of The Galaxy? Which Marvel characters would you like to see on the silver screen?

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