Mel Gibson Admits “Short Fuse”

February 5, 2010 by  
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MelGibsonMel Gibson has stated the obvious by admitting he has a short fuse on an interview broadcast on French television.

“Did you come prepared with French curse words for French journalists?” asked Mahloud Achour, a panelist on Canal + Le Grand Journal, according to People.

Gibson replied good naturedly “Non!” in a French accent and then added “I mean no. It usually comes out in English if I’m angry. I have a short fuse. I’m trying to work on it.”

This’ll be the Mel Gibson who yelled anti-Semitic abuse at a police officer after being arrested for DUI then? I wonder what he’s so angry about. Perhaps it’s because his last film, Edge Of Darkness, was such a shambolic mess…

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  1. HarryO says:

    Appears Mel may need some testosterone replacement therapy, seriously.